What is pay per click advertising

The most basic way to describe Pay Per Click Advertising, is that advertisers pay a fee every time one of their ads is clicked. From a website owner perspective, it’s basically a way of buying traffic to your website.The most common method of Pay Per Click Advertising is through a Search Engine Results Page, such as Google.

For instance when you are searching for a phrase on Google, you may notice the ‘Sponsored Links’ on the top of the page. The main way this is done is through an Ad Auction. Advertisers must bid on the term they want to trigger their ad, which are referred to as ‘keywords’.Let’s say your company is a specialist in computer parts. Someone wanting to purchase an item of this sort may search for ‘laptop parts’, ‘PC parts’ or ‘hard drives’. So, if you bid on these keywords, your ad might show up in one of the top spots on the Google results page.Every time your ad is clicked, you will have to pay Google a small fee. The idea behind thi, is that you want the cost of the click to cost you less than what you will earn from it.A click that costs you 5p, may earn you a sale of £300, so it’d be well worth it!Obviously, if it was that simple, everyone would be doing it!A lot of work goes into building a good Pay Per Click campaign. You need to know the right keywords, and how to organize them into a campaign and relevant ad groups. You also need to be able to turn them clicks into sales, otherwise what’s the point? So an optimized landing page is vitally important. If these landing pages are useful to the customer, you’ll also benefit from a lower charge from Google, which in turn means even more profits!Keyword research can be a massively time-consuming process, but it’s the most important thing. Your whole campaign is built around the keywords, so the best advertisers are always growing and refining their keyword list.There’s a few points to take into account regarding the list. Ideally you want an exhaustive list. Let’s go back to computer parts. You’ve not only got the obvious popular search options, but you need to think about the long-tail keywords too. These are more specific and less common, but on the other hand, they are less competitive, so less expensive.You also need to think about relevance. You don’t want to be paying for keywords that have nothing to do with your business, leading to unnecessary costs. You want the people who are clicking your link, to buy your items, so you want them to be closely related to the things that you sell.Hopefully you’ll have learnt a little bit about the expansive world of Pay Per Click Advertising and taken some hints on board. Good luck