Website Construction

  • Simple sites
  • Competitive prices 
  • No ‘flashy’ websites just to look good – our websites are made to *work* with search-engines

A few examples of our sites. Click pics to enlarge. Click title to visit site and see any special effects etc.

Derek Osgood

RJB Electrical


Carpentry Plus

Terry’s Taxi Service


G D Smith

Southampton Solar

Some old Sites have been removed – 2012

You will see how a simple site can be quite effective.  Tradespeople need an ‘electronic calling card’ these days to back up their work – a simple site can do the trick.  It is fully appreciated that the presentation of a site must be good for the target audience, but there are other considerations too, such as speed and functionality.  We can’t always produce exactly what we want … our customer’s choices (particularly colours, logos etc) sometimes mean that we have to go against our own principles, but what we try to do is to put together:

  • Simple sites 
  • Which load quickly
  • Are easy to navigate
  • Provide essential information
  • Aren’t confusing

Again, in the course of altering existing sites it is not always possible to achieve our aim in the short term, but once the site is completed it should work fast and well, subject to our client’s requirements.Most of the above sites cost under £500.  If you want a good, simple site for a small business, just complete the online form please and we will then contact you for further information so that we can provide an indication of the cost. There can be a lot more to setting up a site than people can tell just from looking at one:

  • colour/style-matching with existing logo/stationery
  • designing website to match/suit style
  • producing matching logo
  • research
  • producing image files for non-search-engine-essential objects
  • selecting copy/include/clone objects
  • setting up site pages
  • scanning images
  • handling/selecting/resizing photos and graphics
  • allocating object criteria to speed loading
  • finding/altering graphics
  • setting up webforms and autoresponder
  • setting up webform forwarding service
  • installing mouseovers and hotspots
  • aligning objects, with sufficient white-space
  • setting up and installing statistical data collection service
  • analysing and selecting relevant text content
  • altering ‘Z’ order to aid loading
  • adding Alt-tags to graphics and text links to aid search-engines
  • adding page criteria to enhance search-engine performance
  • adding page information to enhance search-engine performance
  • producing Flash items for inclusion
  • producing favicon
  • producing and testing website uploading site, plus altered pages, as and when required
  • producing page/site alterations as required
  • submission to leading search engines
  • e-mailing & communication
  • Google Adwords campaigns (where required)

So, there can be a lot more to ‘websites’ than many people think.  Some website ‘designers’ can make a website ‘look’ good….but do they produce it to meet other requirements?  Please do check …. cheap websites might ‘look’ good … but will they achieve what you want?  We cannot guarantee anything, but our experience of websites, search-engine optimisation  and Google Adwords/Yahoo covers many years.