Website Analysis

– No Number-Crunching Mumbo-Jumbo ….Instead, Views of your site by experienced marketeers.

  • It takes less than 1/10th of a second for the human brain to decide whether it likes your site.  In fact, it’s quite a lot below 1/10th! 
  • Teams in Canada conducted experiments
  • One group had 20 minutes or so to look at each site
  • A separate group just had the images flashed in front of them for a fraction of a second. 
  • The results were staggering … the correlation between the two was incredible.

So, that first impression is crucial.  Then the brain looks at other aspects and considers them.  If your site is not right, then people leave (though please don’t expect any site to be ‘perfect’ in the minds of everyone – different ‘styles’ of people like different things) and the last thing you want is a high ‘bounce’ rate.

There are many presentational ‘mistakes’ that can be made when building websites … and we can indicate what we think can be done to improve your site for your target audience – unless of course it is already a great site!Many years of sales, marketing and presentational experience will be behind the report you receive.  This is not the number-crunching type of word analysis we have seen elsewhere, which simply look at the search-engine requirements.  We look at many aspects of your site and tell you where we think it is good and where and how it could be improved.  The comments we have received from our clients have been incredibly good with over 90% of our recommendations being adopted.  For some sites this has meant a long report with numerous suggestions on how to improve the presentation and make sites more user-friendly.  For other sites it has been a shorter report and a lower bill.We will tell you what we think of your site, from the perspective of customers in your field.  We may obtain feedback from a variety of people and take that into account..  Example: One site we reported on, as well as making numerous recommendations we suggested to the owners that they analyse their database of purchasers as we thought their site was aimed at a younger audience than the prospective buyers.  Sure enough, after setting up a feedback form on their site, it was established that it was middle-aged people that were mainly buying the products, not teens.  The site was altered to reflect this difference both in style of writing and colour etc and the result was a big increase in ‘stickiness’ and more purchases.Example: We were asked in July 2010 to report on a website, with a view to increasing search-engine exposure (optimisation) and providing enquirers with a contact telephone number on first enquiry.  In addition, the owners had used Google Adwords but found it to be cost- ineffective.  Our report covered all these aspects and gave many recommendations and examples of how to achieve the aims.  It will take time to implement all that we have recommended, though the company could make use of our own services.   However,  as a small family business and having a highly astute individual as a part of that, we felt that they could carry out the work themselves, thus increasing their profitability.