Training Sales Staff

Small businesses often employ a small sales force of just a couple of people.  Sometimes the ‘sales people’ are the proprietors themselves.  Quite often, they have had no sales training at all … and can easily be missing out on crucial sales due to minor points.Sometimes, just a small amount of training and a few ideas will put people on the path to success.  We are not talking about sales tricks or gimmicks, but constructive methods and approaches that work.Unless they have had specific training or are a ‘natural’ (and there aren’t many completely natural sales-people around, despite what many may like to think of themselves – those described by friends as having ‘the gift of the gab’ are often the ones who talk themselves out of a sale!) there is a high possibility that they are not performing anywhere near as well as they could.   But how do they know?  How does the business proprietor train/control his sales staff if he doesn’t have the time, knowledge or experience?One of the dangers is that many sales people and business owners become ‘too engrossed’ in other ‘important’ issues and find it more comfortable to busy themselves in non-sales issues.  Does this ring true with you?  Have you, or have you seen your staff, look for an easy way out of tackling sales issues?  Have you ever seen a sales person on the phone say, “Can I come and see you next Wednesday afternoon, or Friday morning … or are you too busy?”   There are many more such examples we’ve seen and heard – and they are not conducive to good sales results!  If your small business relies on sales people, who is it that provides their training? Who makes sure they are best equipped for their work?  Or are they just left to their own devices …. as they are supposed to be self-motivated, money-hungry individuals?  Are they motivated by money?  Or is there another driving factor which might turn them on to become a top salesperson?A chap we have been working with recently (a highly successful former salesman) has taken over a sales force  … and is now discovering that not all sales people are the same, or have the same motivation!  And it’s not just a question of ‘produce the business, or leave’ …  some tweaking here or there can turn a mediocre or poor performer into a star, without the need to keep firing and hiring and all the associated wastage.Please contact us for further information.