Public Relations

Good Public Relations can make a business.  But, it doesn’t come cheaply unless you do it yourself.

A former colleague was once quoted in a national newspaper about a particular product.  His business telephone number was included.  Just one sentence, his name and number.  When he got back to his office his two members of staff looked incredibly harrassed.  That day and over the next few days they received thousands of calls and answerphone messages – all from people wanting to do business with them.  How easy was that!

As the chap said, if he could get that sort of coverage on a regular basis he’d employ any number of staff to handle the calls!

But he couldn’t get into the newspapers in such a way … he didn’t have the experience, the contacts or the knowledge.

We do have contacts with PR companies.  They specialise in such matters.

As said at the top, please don’t think they come cheaply – but the cost may well be worth it.

You won’t know until you check it out.  For further information please complete the online enquiry form.  We will get back to you ASAP.