Making the best use of pay-per-click is by no means easy as many of our clients found when they tried PPC themselves …. before they discovered us! 

Perhaps you:

  • Have heard stories of people increasing their online business by fantastic percentages and want to achieve the same, but do not know how to?
  • Want to stick to what you know best about your business and contract other work out to specialists and experts in their field – and advertising/marketing is not your area of expertise?
  • Struggled with the ‘help’ provided by the PPC providers?
  • Have tried PPC and just could not get to grips with it?
  • Did not get the results you hoped for?

We offer two different levels of Pay-Per-Click service:

  1. We set up and then run your campaigns for you, as campaigns definitely require ongoing careful attention and regular alteration/maintenace, or
  2. Help you set up your campaigns and then provide telephone/e-mail support

Option 1 (set up and run your campaigns) we can relieve you of:

  • All the hassle of setting-up, running and maintaining your PPC campaigns
  • Keeping abreast of changes implemented by the PPC providers
  • We undertake all the work for you and use various ‘tools’ we have obtained/developed to assist us – tools that are not available elsewhere

To achieve this:

  • We need to have a good understanding of exactly what you do
  • We need open discussion to be able to target your campaigns properly
  • We need your ideas for keywords or keyphrases as well as our own

Option 2 (help you set up your campaigns and then provide support) 

  • You will see how ‘successful’ campaigns are set up and why they work
  • We will help you set up a campaign, or an adgroup within a campaign, for at least one of your products/services
  • We find it is much more successful if we show you what to do, then talk you through it whilst you do it, and then watch over whilst you do it yourself
  • You will then be able to contact us for telephone or e-mail support


  • We strongly recommend that option 2 is only adopted by those with (1) a keen knowledge of the language their site and advertising will be in (2) advertising, marketing and sales experience.  It is too easy to make small mistakes in PPC which can have a big downward impact on the results

Example clients:

  • Early in 2007 we were approached by a small business operating near Lauzerte in France and paid them a visit to help show them what to do.  The lady partner has a very quick mind and a good grasp of various skills essential to running a good campaign.  She quickly picked up everything and put it into practice.  Their home-produced site is at and if you search on various items on you should see their adverts appear (depending on their current settings).
  • Other clients include: a taxi firm; an author; a restaurant; a medical insurance company; an international property agency; a clothing distributor and many more.  One thing they all now have in common, is success!

We also think you should know about the ‘gurus’ out there who claim to ‘train’ you:

  • Some are really only interested in running lectures or telephone conferences – and collecting large fees from numerous attendees (just work out how much they make from their seminars with 100-200 attendees!)
  • Attending lectures/seminars/telephone conferences is not focussing on your business – it is simply providing general information
  • Receiving ‘training’ from the ‘gurus’ on the Internet, is by itself not normally enough – there is nearly always an ongoing commitment needed as things are constantly changing (so we recommend option 1)
  • Many of the gurus’ apparent free gifts (CDs, books etc) are well out of date and much of the content can be a waste of time reading or listening to – it has all moved on
  • Likewise, the books you can buy which claim to reveal the ‘secrets’ of successful PPC are invariably out of date before you buy them – though when did you hear of somebody returning a book because the content was out of date?  So, they seem to be on a pretty safe wicket by selling dud information
  • The free telephone conferences offered by some gurus may contain very little useable content and are just the ‘bait’ to entice you to bite at other things.  We listen to some of the conferences … and hear the same old stuff churned out time after time, much of it out of date

There are a few things we think you should be aware of:

  • Pay-per-click is a constantly changing environment
  • Keeping up to date is time-consuming and uses your valuable resources
  • Running your own campaigns without knowing or understanding the latest changes will not produce the best results for you
  • It can take some months to get campaigns set up in the best way to produce the best results – so please do not expect instant success – campaigns need to be fine-tuned
  • Pay-per-click is not a cheap option – it usually needs a good budget and often becomes the main source of advertising for businesses on the web
  • Many struggling businesses leave it too late to make good use of PPC – it should not be left to last resort – and it needs a good, definite budget allocation
  • There are plenty of people out there who purport to know about PPC … yet don’t know how much they still don’t know about it!  Experience counts for a lot.
  • At the end of the day PPC may not be the right answer for your website/business – firstly, it needs to be analysed and perhaps tested for suitability

Where to go from here:We need to:

  • View your site
  • See your product range
  • And probably conduct some tests to see whether PPC might be worthwhile investigating for your business/website. 

So please contact us via the online form and we will be happy to get back to you ASAP.