Business Consultancy

Many small-business owners run their business themselves.  There is nobody ‘above’ them to tell them where they may be going wrong, or how they can improve things – unlike the employees of large companies where such a structure usually exists.The leading figure at Adwordia has built up a wealth of experience over many years by running businesses, holding directorships and managing teams of staff.  This includes both small businesses, a ‘businessmen’s club’ and a UK national company.  He was co-opted onto a number of boards of directors before taking a career change and setting up Adwordia.  So, consultancy work is sometimes called upon.A wise businessman once said, “Never fear advice … it can make you a fortune”.  He also said,  “I always like to have a young team around me. Listen to the young … they are your future income.  They will help you build your business”.  Another saying was, “Listen, listen, listen. Hear what is being said and what is behind the words.  Something you hear today will benefit you tomorrow”.  Thank you for those gems – those often repeated sayings (amongst others, some of which raised a smile or two!) which have helped many of his former employees become very successful.It can be difficult to stand back and constructively criticise your own business when you have got used to running it.  So, let somebody else do that for you!  Listen to what they say.  Hear what is being said.  Reap the benefits for yourself.  And if you want the information quickly so that you can capitalise on it, then get the advice now!For further information please complete the online enquiry form.  (For UK small-businesses only).